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The Kabanda Trust - A charity Helping Children in Uganda :: Rock of Joy
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The New School Year in January 2010 at Rock of Joy Children's Centre will see over 400 children attending the school. Visitors are welcomed by excited children who announce in unison that they are “Fine, smart and organised,” but they lack many of the things we take for granted. Help us to ensure that the children are fed, cared for and given an education.


Rock of Joy Bus

As a result of the hard work of the members of OASIS teams and a number of very generous donations, we raised over £14,000 to purchase a 2nd hand 29 seater bus. The bus was in generally good condition but needed general repairs and mechanical work. It is now used as part of the public transport system as well as for private hire and creates income to cover the running costs as well as employing three people. It also helps towards the cost of the teachers' salaries, the school administration and services such as electricity & water.


We are also setting aside some of the income from the bus to ensure stability for the future.

School Meals

Donations received from Ash Green Primary School in Trentham allowed us to provide a new cooker for the school. This has reduced their fuel consumption by 1/3rd and has made a big difference to their ability to provide food for the children.

The school provides a meal for the children each day. At morning break the children are given a drink of thin maize porridge and at lunchtime they have posho (a thick maize porridge) and beans. For many of the children this is the only decent meal they will receive in a day.

Once a week, as funds allow the meal may be supplemented by fresh fruit, vegetables or meat. The poultry project provides eggs to supplement diet too.

At Christmas time, a member of one of the OASIS teams initiated an appeal “COPPERS for CHILDREN” which by collecting 1p & 2p coins, raised enough money to pay for meals for 2 whole months for the 300 children! If you would like to use this idea with your group, church or organisation, please get in touch and we will help you set it up. Every penny counts!



School Requirements

Money raised by Abbey Hill Special School in Stoke on Trent funded the cost of building and equipping a classroom as well as providing school uniforms.

Every child has a school uniform and another grant has allowed us to purchase two sewing machines. Local women are employed to repair and make school uniforms.

Early Years Development

As the school has continued to grow it has been necessary to reassess the way the younger children are taught. In January 2008 we employed two additional teachers who have specialist training. They are committed to developing the Early Years teaching and providing a more playful learning atmosphere. A teacher from Abbey Hill School and the Headteacher of The Priory in Stoke On Trent have provided development & encouragement for the teachers through a series of training sessions and one to one support in the classrooms. Story bags and educational toys have been introduced to enhance the teaching and encourage the development of the children's numeric, literacy & language skills.


Boarding House

The Boarding House is not a luxury but a lifeline providing basic accommodation and a safe haven for 36 children. Most of these children have lost at least one parent, many from HIV/ AIDS. We provide them with accommodation, meals, clothing, and medical expenses during term time and increasingly many of them now stay during the holidays as well.

The house is currently rented. It is our aim to purchase it to expand the accommodation, improve the facilities, and possibly enable us to install water & toilets. This will also secure the site for the future.

The children are cared for by their House Mothers who are paid a small wage and provided with free accommodation and meals. Stella & Brenda are responsible for the personal needs of the children, getting them ready for school, serving their meals and supervising their spare time. Every evening the children clean the house, collect water from the well and wash their own clothes & bedding by hand.

Rock of Joy
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